Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Talitha trying to get comfortable in PICU

Talitha sleeping with her ostrich named "Stretch"

Talitha is doing better today. Her eyes are much brighter than the last few days. She is eating some solid food (yogurt, oatmeal, and a piece of a pancake) and has kept it down. Her eyes still do not focus as well as they would like but they are getting better. She is responding better to sound. Her head still seems to hurt her if she moves it too much but still better than before. According to William the only thing that seems to be keeping Talitha in the ICU is her sodium levels. Her brain seems to discard it as quickly as she is receiving it. Please continue to pray for this to improve. William and Audrey are seeing miracles each day and know it is a direct result of the prayers on their behalf.

Above all Talitha was able to get some very good rest today and William and Audrey are very grateful for the way the family and friends visited today and gave good support in brief visits. It was very refreshing and rejuvenating for William and Audrey and they want to make sure everyone knows how much they appreciate the prayers and thoughts at this time. William was able to attend the 30 minute church service at the hospital as well.

There are still no concrete decisions around Talitha and so William and Audrey will be trading off shifts when the nurses trade shifts and they will spend the shift change giving each other updates.

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