Thursday, January 14, 2010

Update 1/13

[With Dr. Khatua, the expert brain tumor oncologist]

Talitha continues to rest and get stronger in preparation for her treatments that will begin next Monday. She even articulated “I love you” for the first time as she was with Audrey this morning.

The test we were most anticipating didn’t go the way we hoped. The spinal fluid is showing Medulloblastoma (cancer) cells which means the tumor has already started seeding to the spine. This means the treatment protocols will be substantially different than what we have been preparing for. We still have a lot of reading and learning to do but here is what we understand so far:

·Talitha will be admitted to the Primary Children’s Medical Center (PCMC) on Monday, January 18 for three days of chemotherapy treatment.

·There will be no radiation therapy as was previously expected. Because the cancer has spread beyond the brain, localized radiation therapy won’t work and Tali is too young for general radiation treatment.

·The chemotherapy will be harder-hitting and less spread out.

·Stem cell therapy will be a key part of this therapy protocol.

·The primary concerns are toxicity and infection both of which will be monitored closely.

·The actual therapy is a six month program but we are being warned that this time frame will likely be extended due to delays from sickness/infection which unfortunately are more common with the harsher chemotherapy.

·Dr. Khatua, the oncologist, is encouraging us to be optimistic and believe that Talitha will survive rather than focusing on other statistics that can make a parent go crazy with worry.

·The kidney test was favorable.

·The echocardiogram test was favorable.

·Talitha is very healthy outside the “little” cancer problem.

Thank you for your continued faith, prayers, and support.


William (and Audrey)


  1. Hi. I'm Derek and Denise's niece (on Derek's side). Just wanted to tell you I'm sorry your little one is suffering and that I will pray for you and her. Your story really touched me, perhaps because I have a little girl as well. I hope things go well with her chemo.

  2. I am the sister-in-law to Derek & Denise's niece, Carly, and I just wanted you to know we are praying for your family. I hugged and kissed my 16 month old daughter a little tighter and a little longer tonight and we hope you know your beautiful daughter has touched our family! She is already changing lives and we thank you for sharing her story.