Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Grandma Wood loving Tali

Talitha has better color today than previous days. They were concerned about her bowels seeming to not be as productive as they would like so they gave her a suppository in the morning and she had three straight big bowel movements so the doctors and nurses are satisfied in that area for now.

Talitha’s sodium levels seem to stay at 130 or 131 so the doctors are finally calming down about the sodium levels and have determined that that is her level because no matter what sodium treatments they give her now it seems to always settle at 130-131. They have decided therefore to start weaning her off of the sodium infusion and once she is weaned they will watch her for 24 hours and if she is okay then she will be released from ICU.

William and Audrey were able to hold Talitha alot today and they enjoyed that. William and Audrey also were able to go on a date to the cafeteria together tonight and William said that they both seem to be in good spirits. He wanted me to make sure that everyone knows how much they appreciate the prayers on their behalf because they are literally feeling a power beyond their own and it has been confirmed to them that it is the prayers on their behalf.

When Talitha is released from ICU then the restriction will be lifted regarding only the parents and grandparents being able to stay with Talitha. At that point they will be able to designate additional other people that are allowed to stay with her. That will be helpful because right now William and Audrey are able to get 3 to 4 good hours of sleep at a time. They will need some assistance at that time so they can get some better sleep.

Talitha does seem to be improving each day and William and Audrey are in good spirits.

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