Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bad Hair Day

We were told it would just be a matter of time. But it's still hard to see the hair start thinning. Audrey has always taken the time to do her girls' hair each day from the time they are babies till they're old enough to use a curling iron and straightener on their own. And with 5 daughters, she's really good at doing hair in about every way imagineable.

This is different. Audrey brushed Talitha's beautiful hair ever so gently today and held back the tears as the strands stuck to the brush. Then she put a cute little clip in her remaining hair so she'd look just a little bit dressed up for Sunday.

I guess that's how life can be. Sometimes we see the outward manifestations of the inward hurt; sometimes we don't. Sometimes the things lost grow back or are healed. Sometimes they don't or aren't. But for me, I appreciate in a whole new way the scriptures that tell us that "there shall not so much as a hair of the head be lost, but everything shall be restored to its perfect frame." So if God is able to restore even the very hairs of our head, how much more would He be willing to restore if we would just follow Him a little bit more and keep His commandments just a little better.

Maybe there's a relationship that isn't quite right, or an unspoken "I'm sorry". Maybe we could be just a little quicker to forgive and a little slower to judge or put down. Maybe if God really can restore what matters to us most either in this life or the life to come...maybe, just maybe it would be worth our while to find out how we can get closer to Him and let others know the good news we've found so they don't have to face the hard times alone or be so lost.

I'm so grateful for the light that's shining on our path. It's not such a smooth path right now but it is a path and there is a light shining on it.

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  1. When my Mom had cancer, losing her hair was so very hard for all of us. I appreciate your great perspective and insights. You guys are a blessing to all of us.