Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Neurosurgeon, Dr. Walker (our hero) with Talitha


Talitha is eating very well today as well as drinking well. She had a good bowel movement today without them stimulating the bowels which was a good sign. Unfortunately her sodium levels actually dropped lower to about 130 today. Dr Walker the brain surgeon is not concerned about the sodium levels but the ICU doctor is concerned based on fairly recent studies around the affects of low sodium levels and so because she is on the lower borderline of dangerous he wants to keep her in ICU. Dr Walker made the comment “it’s a wonder any of my patients survived over the last 30 years without these new salt treatments…” However, while he has expressed his opinion to the ICU doctor he respects the decisions of the ICU doctor.

William said Talitha seems less responsive today than yesterday despite all the good signs of eating, drinking and the bowel movement. Overall he says there are good signs of improvement and the CT scan today showed there is no internal bleeding in the brain which is very good but there is still larger fluid levels than they would like and that continues to add to the pressure in the brain. They are approaching the 80th and 90th hours where the maximum swelling should be so they are hopeful that there will be some good progress in the next 24-48 hours. William says he is finally learning the meaning of patience because as soon as he stops being inpatient then he calms down enough to see the good progress that is being made.

William and Audrey continue to be extremely grateful for everyone’s prayers and thoughts. They realize this is the beginning of a very long process.

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