Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Talitha made the most visible progress today of all the days so far. She started talking a lot today. They are basic words like “more” but William said she was basically talking from 8 am this morning till about 8:30 tonight when he left the hospital. She had learned how to sign the word “please” before the surgery and she was signing “please” multiple times today. She gave high five’s to her brother and sisters today. It was a slow high five but it was still a high five. She was able to reach for the cheerios and grab them and put them in her mouth. Her eyes are moving much better today. She is not able to completely focus yet but when William asked “Where’s Mommy” she looked over at Audrey. When he said “Where’s Daddy” then she looked back at William. When he said “Where’s Talitha” she took her hand and patted her chest. When William left tonight he said “Bye Bye” and Audrey told Talitha to Daddy “bye bye”. She lifted her right hand and moved it up and down in a “bye bye” motion.

Talitha is now weaned off of the sodium drip. If she makes it through the night with no issues then she will be moved out of ICU tomorrow. William and Audrey once again are so grateful for all of the prayers on their behalf and have been informed that Talitha’s name has been placed on prayer rolls in temple as far as Australia and New Zealand. They are very grateful for the miracles that have come about as a direct result of prayer.

They ask that everyone continue praying for her continued progress and now to pray specifically that the fluid in her brain may start to drain normally. Currently she still has the external shunt but they have been increasing the pressure in hopes that it will start forcing it through the normal channels. Currently they have the pressure at 15 cm. If she seems okay with that then they will move it to 20 cm. If she is okay at 20cm then they will clamp it off and watch her closely for 24 hours. If she is okay after it is clamped off for 24 hours then Talitha gets to go home. If they are not able to clamp it off or if they clamp it off and there are problems then Talitha will need to go into surgery again where they will place a permanent internal shunt from the brain to another part of the body. Hopefully that will not need to happen.

Very positive day today. Once again they express their deep love and gratitude for everyone and their prayers and support.

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