Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The doctors liked what they saw on the 24 hour watch of the shunt being clamped off so they have now removed the shunt completely so she no longer has a tube coming out of her head. Everyone is very happy about that especially Talitha. Talitha is quite disgusted with anyone with a nurse or doctor badge or outfit and is very ready to go home. She has had enough of this hospital business. There are so few patients in the Neurolgical Trauma area that they moved Talitha to room 2026 so the patients would be in rooms close together. Tomorrow, they will most likely do a CT scan again to determine if the ventricles in her head have returned to normal size. If so she will be getting very close to being ready to be released.

Talitha ate all of her pancakes and eggs this morning for breakfast which delighted the doctors. They are very happy that she has a healthy appetite. Her movement in her left side is getting much better which is very encouraging. Additionally, as far as William can tell she has her entire vocabulary back. William and Audrey brought the entire immediate family into the room with Talitha today and she laughed and played with her brother and sisters. She really had a good time and it was very therapeutic for the family.

William and Audrey are astounded at the power they feel and the miracles which have taken place thus far. They recognize that many are praying and now quite a few others are also fasting either for the first time or again for Talitha. They are extremely grateful for the outpouring of love and support and the power and focus of the prayers on their behalf. The next 24 to 48 hours continue to be critical as the ventricles need to return to normal size or they will probably need to operate and put a permanent shunt internally.

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