Thursday, January 21, 2010

Update 1/21/10

The methotrexate levels were down to 0.13 this morning and less than 0.1 by this afternoon so Talitha is now on to the next therapies. At 6PM tonight she was given Etoposide through a 1-hour IV. This was followed by Cyclophosphamide also given through a 1-hour IV. The latter drug must be immediately followed by MESNA, an injection that coats the bladder so that it doesn't get damaged.

There is some indication that ridges, a precursor to mouth sores, are already developing and this is impacting her eating. She asks for things to drink and then is so sad because the things she is used to don't taste the same and so she grabs at her mouth like there's a bad taste--which we are guessing there is.

On the positive side, she is learning new words every day and insisting on reading books as often as we will and going on walks around the ICS floor with her little face mask on.

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