Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another bag of platelets

Talitha received more platelets today. The bone marrow transplant doctors like to infuse platelets when the count drops below 50--especially with patients who have undergone brain surgury like Tali. (That's compared to the oncology doctors that don't infuse until the counts get below 20.)

Another 3-hour nap today.

Talitha seems to be handling this first transplant well. We are hopeful that the engraftment--the word for when her bone marrow is back and functioning--will happen in the next few days.

Usually, antibiotics have tended to plug Tali's bowels abit. With bone marrow transplant, we're told that the bowels usually stay really loose. This has certainly been the case with Tali. Not good news for her sensitive skin. (Fortunately, she does not have diarrhea.)

Thank you for your kind support, emails, letters, prayers, and love. Means the world to us. I try to post some of what we receive because we are so inspired by your expressions of faith, hope, gratitude, and love. If you haven't clicked on the "Messages of Faith, Hope, and Gratitude" link in a while, I think you will find a growing treasure of wonderful encouragement that has been a real blessing to us from so many of you.

Thank you.

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