Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trials of Greatness

Talitha spent all morning and part of the afternoon at the PCMC and University Hospital with her mom for more tests—kidneys and ears.

They tried a non-sedated hearing test and Tali did ok with it except for a few bewildered outbursts. The ears seem to be holding up still; no word yet on the kidney tests.

Tali's platelets (and all her blood counts) are climbing on their own which is a really good sign. There's still some question as to whether or not the platelets will reach the magic number of 75 before Friday. (Not always sure what to root for. If they don't hit 75 by Friday, we get to keep Talitha home for the weekend. On the other hand, staying on schedule will better keep any cancer stragglers on the run...)

When asked how Talitha is doing, Audrey indicated things seem to be going well other than she wishes Talitha would eat more. (She’s still drinking really well.) The doctors re-assured Audrey not to worry. The fact that Talitha is still eating and drinking anything is somewhat of a marvel to them considering they expected her to be on a feeding tube by now(?!).

We are thanking the Lord for every tender mercy big and small.

I was inspired this morning by a page from my friend Roger Anthony's Now I Understand book. Each page contains a pearl of wisdom. I picked up the book and "coincidently" opened to page 51 entitled Trials of Greatness. I felt it would be worthwhile sharing at the close of tonight’s blog entry in the hopes that it may be uplifting to others as well:

"Greatness beyond our wildest imaginings is within us all and is championed by an unsung hero, who by most is treated with great disdain—his name is 'Trial'.

"NOW I UNDERSTAND, we can thank God for trials and the greatness they awaken from slumber deep within that otherwise would remain entombed and undiscovered to the detriment and shame of self and all mankind.

"IN THE DOING COMES... Greatness through Rejoicing in and through Trials."

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