Friday, April 9, 2010

Great day!

Talitha settled in so nicely for her first Consolidation/Bone Marrow Transplant cycle.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers. She really had a great day!

The Child Life specialist I met with last Monday suggested we put a large mat on the floor, lengthen the IV tubing and let Talitha be down and about exploring.


Except for nap time, Tali was crawling and moving and thoroughly enjoying the day on the floor of her re-arranged hospital room. So much better than sitting on a lap or being held hour after hour or being confined to the crib.

I think we all made it through the day a little better.

The chemotherapy didn't begin until 1PM. (Just two baths today instead of three because of the late start.)

Talitha was SO pleasant. She interacted with the nurses. She waived. She smiled. She KNOWS she's cute. (She's going to need all her cuteness and courage to get through these next few weeks.)

Lot's of smiles and happy hearts tonight.

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