Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A walk around the block

Kind of surprising to see a few snow flurries this late in April. I was thinking about turning the air conditioner on a week ago; instead, I'm turning up the heater.

Still, I wanted to get Talitha out of the house to give her some chance to be free to see the world a bit before going back into that hospital room for another stint.

My friend JoDeen knitted some warm hats for Tali so we found one of those so her head wouldn't freeze. Then I bundled her up with lots of blankets in the stroller.

I think the short walk did us both some good.

(It was sure nice to say "hi" to a few friends in the neighborhood as we walked by.)

It may be a bit chilly but the blossoms on the trees and the flowers everywhere you look sure do brighten my spirits. Talitha tried her best to keep a stoic expression in tact throughout our little walk. Alas, she finally let one little smile escape.

She just couldn't help it.

She's feeling pretty good right now.

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