Sunday, April 25, 2010

Except for...

The weather has been so nice lately--winter really does give way to spring. Everywhere I look I see blossoms on trees and flowers in bloom. Beautiful and refreshing.

Talitha enjoyed some fresh air today. She has such fair skin and not much hair left so we have to not overdo the direct sunlight.

She's still taking a 3-hour nap each day but otherwise seems to have pretty good energy. Of course, when she's around her brother and sisters, she just plays and forgets all about being tired.

Except for the mesh tube-top that helps keep the central line safe and except for the medicine she takes each day and except for the daily central line maintenance flushing and except for the special creams we use when changing her diaper and except for the sparse hair and except for the special antimicrobial diet and except for keeping a log of everything she eats and drinks and except for having to teach her to walk again...everything seems pretty normal around the home for the moment.

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