Friday, April 16, 2010

How to forget you don't feel good

When I arrived this evening at the hospital to begin my weekend shift, Audrey reported to me that Talitha just wasn't eating much now.

Afton and Madeline came with me to see Talitha before going home with their mom and while we visited for a few minutes, the three sisters began playing. They played with crayons, they played with blankets, they played with the door-window stickers...and in the process Talitha started taking bites of food from her sisters. Before they were done, Tali had eaten a whopping 22 bites of her food and had been laughing like we haven't heard her laugh in a good while.

Praise the Lord for sisters!

For a few glorious minutes, Talitha wasn't sick and tired.

(When I put her to bed tonight, Tali was "lights-out" almost before I'd stepped out and shut the door to her room. I hope she dreams about her family--that just simply adores her--and Jesus.)

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