Saturday, April 24, 2010

"oh yeah"

So good to be home!

Talitha is enjoying her own bed and loves not being interupted at all hours of the night with beeping IV pumps and nurses drawing blood samples. (Although it is pretty amazing what she has learned to sleep through at the hospital.)

Tali likes to see people laugh and smile. If we get too serious, she will get a concerned look and ask, "sad?"

She sure was getting us to giggle today by saying, "oh yeah" over and over again. I just love little children and their cute little voices.

If all goes well, Talitha will be at home until next Friday, April 30. That's when she's scheduled to begin her second transplant round.

In order to start the next round, her ANC needs to be above 750 and her platelets need to be above 75 without transfusion help.

Thank you for praying for Talitha.

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