Friday, April 30, 2010

Reckless trust

Talitha was admitted to the PCMC this morning to begin her next bone marrow transplant cycle. Everyone is upbeat and staying positive.

As you may recall from her last transplant round, two very strong chemotherapy drugs are administered on her first two days (i.e. today and tomorrow) to fight the cancer beyond the level that the bone marrow can tolerate. As the bone marrow dies, Tali will be given a "transplant" of her own stem cells previously harvested and kept preserved in the storage freezer. This is intended to rescue her by re-introducing the building blocks she needs to grow new bone marrow.

Because one of the chemotherapy drugs--Thiotepa--excretes through the skin, Tali will not have her central line protective bandage on as that would trap the toxic excretions and burn her skin. She will have three baths a day through Monday to help wash these toxins off regularly.

Please pray for Tali. This is a very vulnerable stage and we feel that only Heaven can keep her truly safe after all we and the wonderful hospital personnel can do to be watchful, attentive, and protective.

One of the trainers in my company shared some wonderful advice along these lines. Often when faced with life and its experiences we'll say "I'll do my best." But our best is so limiting.

What if instead we said, "I'll do God's best." Or said differently, "I'll trust that God can take me beyond my best and so I'll do what He wants me to do, and be what He wants me to be--even if in the moment I don't understand."

When Moses stood at the water's edge, he didn't say "I'll do my best." He waited upon the Lord and was an instrument in doing God's best--parting the waters of the Red Sea.

I believe as we allow ourselves to let go of our inherent fears and limitations and hold fast to our faith in Christ, we too can be instruments in the Lord's hands to part the seas of challenge this world has no answers to. After all, God is really good at saving His children--especially when we cooperate.

So let's put more trust--even reckless trust like Moses had--in Him. It really works!

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