Thursday, April 1, 2010

Surgery tomorrow...

We kept the old central line so the surgery sedation won’t require a new wrist IV. (We’re trying to cut down on pokes where possible.) We’ve just been keeping the central line tucked up tight against Talitha’s body with a sort of torso-tube netting so there’s less chance for dangling cords to snag.

Thank you for your keep-the-central-line-safe prayers.

Surgery is tomorrow at 1:45pm. They’ll remove the old line on the left side of her chest and “install” a new central line on the right side of her chest.

Tali’s blood counts FINALLY started climbing today which is always a relief infection-wise. We gave her one more neupogen shot tonight and that should push her up over the 2,000 ANC mark where she’ll no longer be neutropenic. She doesn’t care for those shots to put it mildly. I imagine it’s a bit like a daily bee sting, only you know it’s coming. She hollers about as well as you’d expect as the “poky” is being prepared. Then calms down quickly and gives her little “yay”.

Some nights I don’t know whether to smile or cry. (Or both.)

She’s a brave little warrior.

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