Thursday, April 29, 2010


The Bone Marrow Transplant coordinator called to tell us Tali is on track to begin her next round tomorrow (Friday).

Talitha's platelets are just enough at 79 for the go-ahead. (Her ANC has dropped but is still enough at 900.)

The week at home went way too fast but we're grateful she's responding well enough to stay on the optimal treatment schedule.

Not sure where she picked it up but lately, when Talitha gets excited and wants you to hurry, she'll add the encouraging word "run" to her request. Sometimes she'll say it multiple times. Example: Book. Run. RUN.

Oh, how she can make her siblings laugh sometimes.

It's a real plus when Tali forgets she's sick. (I think forgetting like that is more easily done at home.)

Well, ready or not, let's do this thing. Transplant round #2: here we come!

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