Friday, July 30, 2010

About seven steps

Audrey called me at work all excited.

Talitha had just taken about seven steps unexpectedly all on her own!

When she takes steps, her left leg seems a bit stiff and awkward. The trauma of the operation to remove the tumor back in December left her with very little movement on her left side. Tali is right handed so it's hard to see any problem with her left arm and hand but when it comes to walking, both sides kind of have to work together as equals. I think that's why it's easier to detect a deficiency.

We are hopeful her brain will continue to heal and work well with her large motor skill development.

In these pictures, she’s trying to smile but her mouth is full of pickle. (She loves pickles!)

Maybe you can tell that her hair is starting to grow more noticeably?

Now--especially in person--you can see the top of her head getting darker without having to squint in just the right light to imagine hair.


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