Saturday, July 31, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

We found another way to get Talitha out of the house and safely around more people today.

Last year, a few months before Tali's tumor was discovered, Audrey told the family she was going to prepare to run a 5 kilometer race sometime in 2010 and invited the rest of us to prepare with her.

True to her word and in spite of the unforeseen challenges, Audrey was diligent in getting ready to run a race.

Today Audrey and our three oldest children ran their first 5K race called Cooper's Run--in memory of a little boy who was hit by a car and died exactly one year ago.

After, the real race, everyone who wanted to was able to run (or walk) in a one-mile family fun run. Thanks to a kind neighbor who let us use their fully-enclosed child jogging stroller our whole family was able to participate.

Talitha loved it!

She saw dogs, balloons, a helicopter, fire trucks, and lots of other children. We kept a friendly distance. :-)

Talitha was in such a good mood today, she even sang a song for us. (See video below.)

She definitely keeps us smiling!

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