Friday, July 23, 2010

Parent trap

Still no word from the lab on Tali's spinal fluid.

With it being a holiday weekend in Utah for Pioneer Day, a lot of businesses were closed today, which may have slowed things down at the lab with people taking time off.

Talitha is keeping us entertained while we await the news.

She likes to tell her dolls and milk and other important items in her life that she loves them and wants to kiss them and hug them.

While driving with Talitha and her mom today, I heard Tali repeat over and over "ok sweeetie" in response to her mother.

Tali has a dangerously sweet little voice that she's not afraid to use with a perfect kind of timing uncharacteristic for her age.

We are in trouble.

We know we're in trouble.

Parents should know better than to get caught in such devious traps.

I fear we're walking right into it...

...and loving it!

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