Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yucky Bear

When Talitha had her spinal tap on Wednesday, they gave her a little white stuffed bear with tiny green shamrocks. The bear's name is "Lucky" according to its tag.

Well, Tali loves her little bear and likes to call it her "Lucky Bear". But since her "L's" sound like "Y's", what we hear is "Yucky Bear".

We try not to laugh but when she goes on and on about her "Yucky Bear" this and her "Yucky Bear" that, we can't always keep the giggles in check.

But maybe Tali is really one step ahead of us.

Maybe she gets that it's her lucky bear to help her "bear" with yucky stuff like spinal taps.

You know...her Yucky Bear.

('s been a long day.)


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