Friday, July 16, 2010

Make Believe

There is something so amazing about watching a child pretend play. Although, it can be a time of revelation for parents (i.e. seeing yourself through their eyes). Talitha is enjoying pretend worlds more and more.

If she can get her sisters (Trevor refuses) to take her downstairs she will spend a long time playing "Barbies" or "food" with the mini kitchen and accessories.

Today she enjoyed playing with the Littlest Pet Shop lambs. One was pink, the other dark grey. She called them "pink baa baa and brown baa baa". She loved them for 40 minutes at least. She played with them in the little house, she put them to bed and got them up, took them for a walk, put them in a swing, a running wheel, and kissed them gently after making them a comfy bed out of her blanket. After that, she insisted on taking them with her for the nightly routine before bed.

When I was a teenager I had a church leader, that I loved, tell me that if you act "as if" you were the person you want to be, pretty soon that is what you become. So, if you want to be a scholar, concert pianist, or champion chess player (etc.), you act "as if" you already were. Pretty soon you find that you are practicing the very attributes and talents needed for achieving your goal. I guess that's sort of pretending until you get there.

You know, there is power in the words-- MAKE BELIEVE.

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