Sunday, July 11, 2010

New dress

Talitha's grandmother's sister (Tia Laura) made her a dress a few months ago and Tali got to wear it today. Even though Tali can't yet go to church with so many people around, when she saw her sister Afton getting a dress on, she wanted one too.

Well, Tali loved it and insisted on wearing it all day.

So, I guess you could say she was all dressed up with nowhere to go. But we all enjoyed seeing her so happy with her fancy clothes. And she sure smiled whenever one of us said something about how nice she looked.

She even wore her dress when her sister took her on a long stroller ride around the neighborhood. She was so excited to see everything and when she saw some birds she enthusiastically motioned with her hands and called to them with the sweetest voice she could muster, "Come here birdies!"

She didn't get any takers among the wildlife but she sure has figured out how to use her sweet tactics to get her siblings to wait on her hand and foot.

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