Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Alphabet Soup

Talitha is doing amazing.

Today she had some more tests done to qualify for the Provo Early Intervention Program that will do the physical therapy for her (if we pass). It took longer than we had wanted, with all the interviews, appointments, and assessments. But, it looks like we are finally done with all the testing and so now we wait to see if we qualify. I can't imagine not passing since Talitha is not walking and is almost two (even a child could tell you she needs some help :o)...all of this testing thing is really for their check off list of procedures.


On a happy note, the last couple of days we have discovered that Tali knows how to sing the entire alphabet with very little promptings. It's amazing. She was just sitting with me and started singing away. I couldn't believe it. She must like the tune (it is also the tune to "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" which she knows).

Speaking of ABC's, have you ever had a bowl of alphabet soup and tried to spell your name or some other word only to find out you're missing a letter? Isn't it frustrating? Until you realize you can eat part of another letter to make a new letter and complete your word.

I think that it's natural to try and "fill in the blanks" or try to make something out of the unfinished. Your brain just works that way.

I think that is what we feel about Talitha not being able to walk right now. It just doesn't make sense. She's smart and coordinated in every other way that we can see, it's just that darn walking.

It's hard to be patient. She wants to walk. Saturday William and I spent a long time having her walk back and forth to us--much like you do with an almost-1-year old. She loved it. She was laughing and chattering and turning around as fast as she could to try again. The most she took was three steps.

I know it will come, until then I'll just eat my soup.

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