Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We try to take Talitha out for a walk/stroller ride each day where she can get some fresh air and some healthy sunlight.

Tali really loves getting out of the house and likes to see the sites--especially if those sites involve birds or dogs.

But if the walks get too long by her measurement standards, she looks back, gets eye contact and then asks, "home?"

That's her cue to me to start heading back.

"Home" can take on both physical and spiritual meanings. When we are separated too long from familiar sources of nourishment to body and soul it inspires a longing for that familial association.

I believe we left a very real Heavenly Home to come to Earth and receive a body as part of God's plan for the eternal progression of His children. This separation from God that we call Earth life creates a yearning for spiritual fulfillment that can draw us closer to God if we will let it.

We feel closest to those sometimes inexpressible senses of Heaven's Home when we are serving others and engaging in virtuous behavior befitting our divine heritage.

Prayer provides a way for us to "call home" and reading the scriptures is a wonderful way to hear back from that Home.

I'm so grateful for my home on Earth and for the knowledge that "home" is not a temporary, passing concept.

And I'm grateful that Tali is drawn toward her home. With a little, consistent effort, I believe our homes here can be a bit of Heaven on Earth.

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