Thursday, July 22, 2010

Broken Things

Earlier this week, Audrey had me listen to a song by Kenneth Cope called "Broken".

It's a really touching song inspired by a sermon given by Jeffrey R. Holland in 2006 called Broken Things to Mend.

Today I found myself thinking about Christ and His power to lift and heal and rescue us. It has often been that when I am most broken down from the trials of life that my soul is the most open to Him.

Traveling this road with Talitha has been perhaps the most humbling journey I've been on. I think it has broken me in ways I think I needed breaking.

I'm a little less quick to judge now. I don't take things for granted like I used to. I've had to depend on the Lord more than what I was comfortable with. And I've had to learn to let others help me and my family when I would rather be the one helping or giving.

I'm finding that when my walls of pride, stubbornness, and sin break, then is the time I feel most whole. And Christ is the one that makes healing and wholeness possible.

So in my own way, I agree with Kenneth Cope: "I believe that God loves broken things."

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