Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thy will be done

I have been following several blogs of families experiencing the intense challenges that come with fighting for the life of a child.

I've been deeply touched by their faith.

Sometimes the result of the fight was not what these families were hoping for. But in every case, gratitude for miracles has been expressed and lives have been changed for the better.

Without being able to see as God sees, there is no way to understand how it is that He leaves one child here and takes another home to be with Him a little sooner.

The faith and prayers have not been greater or less in either case.

Yesterday, one of the little children I recently began reading about returned home to be with Heavenly Father. I can't even begin to imagine the heartache of this little girl's mother as she described saying goodbye.

What touched me perhaps the most was her complete submission to God's will after witnessing the miracles that had been keeping her daughter alive and knowing that hundreds of thousands of prayers around the world had been offered on behalf of her little angel.

In fact, the day before her baby returned home to Heaven she wrote, "It’s as if her valiant little spirit is just staying for us. Just staying long enough for us to realize that this is not the end."

What incredible faith and humility!

We've been so blessed and strengthened by the examples of valiant souls all around us who have not yielded to the trials of faith but have stood their ground relying completely upon the arm of Christ--the only sure and safe path through grief and pain.

Thank you.

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