Friday, May 21, 2010


Talitha checked into her "hotel" room this morning after waiting a bit for the room to get cleaned and situated. (They had a bed in the room instead of a crib and the floor still had remnants from the previous "guests".)

The chemo injections started at 12:30pm--a bit earlier than on day one of the previous two rounds.

Her room this time is right between her first two rooms in the b-wing of the ICS unit. Looking out her window, you can see down to the north entrance of the PCMC and over to the parking garage. The hospital is near the "U" on the mountain (University of Utah) that you can also see from Tali's room. 

Tali's first clean-the-chemo-off-the-skin bath went well other than the delay in getting the tub room across the hall clean. After you've spent a few months at the PCMC you get to really appreciate the staff that are able to stay on top of everything that has to happen according to the crazy chemo and bone marrow transplant schedule.

We are grateful for the nurses, techs, and other staff with their unique personalities and idiosyncrasies. They really do try to put "the child first and always" which is the theme of the whole children's hospital.

Other than an ornery spell early this evening, Tali is off to a good start on this round. With plenty of books, toys, and stuffed-animal friends to play with in the multiple rooms within the room...let the adventure begin...


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