Monday, May 24, 2010

BMT Birthday #3!

We had quite a celebration at the hospital this morning as doctors, nurses, techs, administrators, and various other hospital staff packed into Talitha's room to sing "Happy Bone-Marrow-Transplant Birthday to You". The singing was awful as advertised and exhilarating.

Her last transplant!

Audrey decorated the room with a Hawaiian look and feel to it and everyone wore festive, colored leis for the occasion.

The actual insertion of Tali's stem cells via the central line was again very hard on her. As soon as the DMSO mixture that's with the stem cells entered her body, Talitha got extreme nausea. After losing everything in her stomach, Talitha dry heaved bile on and off for the next two hours.

Not fun.

Thankfully, that part is over.

No more bone marrow transplants and no more baths to wash off Thiotepia (the chemo drug that excretes through the skin for 48 hours).

This evening was more celebration time as Talitha's mom brought all her siblings to the hospital to spend a few minutes with her.

She enjoyed eating nachos with her sisters and showing off her new baby doll that the hospital staff gave her for her BMT birthday.

She enjoyed wearing her brother's cool baseball cap.

And most of all, she enjoyed feeling like a normal member of a normal family doing normal things, if only for a few minutes.

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