Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Please pray for Sada

Talitha's counts were up today due to the mass of stem cells transfused yesterday. (At the time of harvest, a certain portion of the stem cells are old enough to already be committed to become white blood cells and so this gives an "artificial" boost during the first few days of the bone marrow transplant process.)

That boost, however temporary, actually gives a lift to Talitha so her day was much improved.

We received a surprise visit from Sada and her parents yesterday at the hospital. (Sada lives less than a mile away from us and her grandparents live just a few houses away from us in our neighborhood. Sada has been fighting a different kind of brain tumor for a year longer than Talitha. Her blog is at http://www.sadanicole.blogspot.com/)

Sada is so bright and articulate. And she has such a bright outlook coupled with contagious enthusiasm for life. She almost made me cry when she handed over a zip lock bag full of money that she and her younger siblings raised to help Talitha. She simply explained that she'd read a book that had a powerful message about service and that she felt impressed to organize a project to help someone else who was facing a challenge in their life. (Wow!)

The reason Sada was at Primary Children's Medical Center yesterday was for an MRI to assess the need for another operation. Today--less than 24 hours after rendering service to Talitha and our family--Sada was in the operating room for another six hour brain surgery to remove more tumors.

Such selfless, Christ-like love from one who is herself in need of help and support is to me a living sermon that not only comforts and lifts but also gives me great hope that the teachings of our loving Savior are very much still alive and in practice.

Please pray for Sada and her family. Such kind and loving people. Such examples of faith and perserverance. They have been there for us along the way to shine a light to illuminate our path from their own experience. How we hope and pray their burdens may be lightened and that they may continue to be sustained by the same Heavenly Father we urgently look to for peace and strength in our moments of need.

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