Saturday, May 29, 2010

Smile and wave

Talitha had a really good day.

She tried hard to throw up right when I arrived this morning but somehow finessed her way past the gag reflex...and stayed past it all day.

She did need platelets but managed to sleep through the entire transfusion laying on her floor mat.

With her blood counts so low including a zero ANC, the much needed nap lasted two and a half hours.

Fortunately, no one was taking my picture while I snuck in my own much needed hour-long nap during this same stretch.

The nurses and doctors continue to give us very positive feedback on Talitha's progress. They are pleased she's not getting the very common mouth sores and is able to still be drinking nearly a quart of rice milk per day.

She isn't eating much but is still eating some which is again a pleasant surprise to the hospital staff.

During his morning visit, Dr. Boyer told Talitha she should write a book about how to sail through bone marrow transplant. She just gave him her best cold stare and then waved a polite good-bye in the hopes he'd get the hint.

Is this her last Saturday of hospital residency?

I know Talitha's dad is sure hoping so!

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