Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Warm blankets

Three of my teenagers went on a conditioning hike with youth from our church in preparation for a big, multi-day trek they will be taking this summer. I guess Madeline at 12 years old isn't technically a teenager yet but she reported to me that it was raining again. (Three practice hikes so far; rain or snow each time.)

As I kissed her goodnight she was snuggled up in her warm blanket and told me how nice it was to be able to take a hot shower after being wet and cold. Most people I know, don't like being cold.  (My brother Evan may be one notable exception.)

Rain takes on various, unpredictable forms in life. Sometimes you get a little wet; sometimes you get soaked.

Fortunately, the rain doesn't last forever and with a little luck, there's a hot shower and a warm blanket waiting...just around the corner.

Speaking of warm blankets, the hospital has a cool blanket warming device. During the 3-baths-a-day segment of this cycle, a kind nurse thought to bring a warmed blanket to Talitha after one of her baths. She loved it so much that she now asks for one of these heated blankets after each bath by saying, "warm?"

During these warm-blanket moments, she will often ask for her baby and tuck it in with her to make sure her doll is warm too.

Sometimes the warm bath followed by a warmed blanket is just too cozy and she sneaks a quick snooze when no one is looking.

I'm grateful for warm blankets.

Driving home from work yesterday I was just plum tuckered out and feeling a bit down. I started praying one of those prayers you say to just check in with the Lord for a quick sanity check...and BAM...warm blanket!

I felt better the whole evening. Amazing how far one warm blanket can take you.

Talitha's white blood cell count edged up ever so slightly today.

Hoping for another fast engraftment!

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