Sunday, May 30, 2010

Quiet and anti-climatic...please

We've been warned throughout this cancer-fighting journey that it's best not to get your hopes up too high on the "good" days and also not to let yourself get overly depressed on the "bad" days.

The idea is to be as steady as possible as that is a pace best suited for long-distance or endurance running.

At least the advice makes sense on paper...

I'm finding that as we get closer and closer to what we hope is at least a resting line--if not a finish line--it's a bit like a child counting down the days to Christmas. Great way to get time to stand still.

It may seem a bit odd to say it, but I really am hoping for a quiet, anti-climatic "finish" this week.

In spite of low or zero blood counts today, Talitha was in a more spirited mood than usual for this phase of the cycle. She did need two naps to make it through but, other than some bouts with nausea and throwing up, she didn't seem to be down or complaining about aches and pains.

While in the "crib-room" today, she unexpectedly asked for the bag of colored leis. Then she proceeded to stack them on her neck one after another.

I think it's her way of celebrating what we hope will be her last Sunday here at the hospital.

Thank you for your prayers. Tali has strength beyond what she should for this final, knock-you-down-then-build-you-back-up chemo/bone marrow transplant round.

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