Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New favorite baby

On each BMT birthday, the bone marrow transplant coordinator brings gifts to the patient for the celebration. Usually, these gifts consist of a blanket--you can never have too many according to Talitha--a toy of some kind, and a t-shirt.

The favorite gift by far from this last BMT birthday is her new favorite baby doll.

She likes to give her baby baths in a little blue hospital basin. She's become quite proficient at bathing techniques thanks to her own high concentration of baths while clearing the Thiotepa toxins from the skin.

I wish you could see her hug and rock her little baby. She squeezes so hard it leaves the poor baby breathless.

I must confess that not all of Tali's "smiling" pictures are genuine. Sometimes, I simply ask her to show me her teeth. Works pretty well as long as she's not feeling too yucky at the time.

She's doing well for the moment as her counts have not yet dropped to zero from the high-dose chemo.

As the stem cells start growing new bone marrow, the aches and pains tend to become an issue, especially in little children with so much bone marrow space relative to the size of the bones.

Thank you for praying for Talitha in every way. She's continuing to respond well and had a much better go of it today nausea-wise.

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