Saturday, May 15, 2010


After being stuck in that little hospital room, Talitha sure took advantage of her new roaming privileges today.

She played on the trampoline with her sisters. She picked some flowers with her mom. She went on a stroller ride with her dad. And she played ball with her brother.

What a gorgeous day!

This evening, Talitha was sitting on my lap as I was in front of Elisa's laptop computer. She kind of took over and began pushing buttons on the key board. Suddenly, everything on the screen was upside down. (huh?!)

I was certainly surprised and didn't know how to fix it. I called to Elisa and Malorie and they came in to take a look.

After a few moments, Talitha began to cry. I couldn't understand what was wrong until it hit me that she was sad that the computer was broken and that all of us were concerned.

She calmed down and said what sounded like "tape". So I asked, "do you want some tape?" She said "kay" so I knew I'd guessed right. Malorie brought her a piece of tape.

Tali was very pleased and proceeded to put the piece of tape on the computer. Then we knew why she wanted tape. Whenever one of her books rips, she asks for tape so she can fix it so it won't be broken anymore.

We asked her if that's what she was doing--fixing the computer. She confirmed that fact with an enthusiastic "yeah".

So there you have it.

You can fix anything with tape.

We're so grateful to be home. And glad we have plenty of tape on hand.

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