Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Found another room in the room

I guess creativity is only limited by imagination.

Talitha discovered that her hospital crib makes a fun tent if you cover it with one of the oversized blankets/quilts we sometimes find in the hospital blanket stash. Lots of blankets and quilts are donated to the PCMC which is great because of all the fun patterns and characters and colors that can brighten the bed (and floor mat).

So, the tent is now officially part of the hospital home and is requested daily along with the other four rooms in the room.

Talitha was very playful today and loves having her mom with her all day. Because her counts are so high from the stem cell boost, she had great energy today and was eating and drinking and playing at a really good level.

The white blood cell counts and ANC peaked today and will drop now all the way to zero if it is like the last bone marrow transplant round. The platelets are already dropping fast so Talitha is scheduled for a platelet transfusion tomorrow.

While Audrey was lying on her side on the floor mat today, Talitha crawled up behind her and rubbed her back while saying over and over, "rub, rub, rub."  Cute little moments like that have a way of keeping you going when the walk is long and tiring.

Thank you for your prayers and love.

Talitha is really doing well right now.

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