Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tali's Tile of Fame

The Primary Children's Medical Center has their own version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

When you walk down certain of the hallways here and look up, you can see tiles in the ceiling that have been painted by children who have "lived" here at the hospital.

Thanks to our brave friend Sada and her kind, thoughtful parents who have also been here at the hospital this week, Talitha received her tile-of-fame today.

And because it just happened to be Mother's Day, Tali decided to dedicate her special tile to one of life's very special heros, a courageous, extraordinary woman--her mom!

Tali was at first quite perplexed when the little pink sponges that normally are used only for mouth care became paint brushes. First her right foot was painted pink for the first print then wiped with a white towel provided by our nurse Kathy (who happens to adore Talitha).

The process of alternating feet with paint, then print, then cleaning proceeded quite smoothly as Talitha really started getting into it. Soon she wanted to control the little sponges-on-a-stick.

So, after the footprints and handprints were all complete, Tali got her wish and was able to do all the little sponge marks in the corner of the tile.

When the masterpiece was complete, she had no desire whatsoever to abandon the exciting new art form. Fortunately there was plenty of craft paper in the play room that another nurse was more than happy to procure. It wasn't long before the hands and legs and pink blanket on the floor mat had each welcomed, even embraced their abundant share of brightly colored paint.

Fortunately for dad, Tali's "favorite" aunt Chi Chi showed up just in time to rescue the upper left hand corner of the tile to ensure the special dedication to mom didn't become unrecognizable hieroglyphics.
Talitha just wants to let you know two things, mom:
1. I didn't throw up today, and
2. I love you!

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