Thursday, May 13, 2010

Worth smiling about

The counts are climbing!

White blood cells are above 1,200 and ANC is up to 400.

(Thank you for all the positive thoughts toward her counts increasing.)

Looking forward to her being home again for a few days. If all continues to go as expected, she will be released tomorrow. (Yay!)

I remember when we first started going to meet with the PCMC oncologists in their clinic on the 4th floor back in January. It was hard for me to see the various young cancer patients of all different ages, young and old. I didn't want to stare but you couldn't help but see that many had lost all their hair, looked very pale, or just had random strands of hair left like Talitha does now.

But as I've been one of the travelers on this journey with Talitha, I've come to understand that the outward, physical shell that is under attack first from the cancer and then from the chemotherapy is not a true representation of the eternal soul. We love and hug that outward shell just the same but it's the person inside that's the real thing full of unspeakable radiance and light.

Then after this life, the temporal body is resurrected to it's perfect form to join its already perfectly-formed spirit, never to be separated again, never to endure mortality again.

And maybe, just maybe there will be lots of over-sized pink blankets to keep the head warm while the hair is coming back in. Now that's a thought worth smiling about!

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